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DMA Success Story

Name: Daniyal Rasheed

Training: Professional SEO Training

Despite being in business for nearly 5 years and only having a website these past two years, I was at a total loss with SEO. I knew it was important, especially with me spending hours crafting my own blog content and honing my website copy to attract my ideal client. But I had no clue how to optimize my content and website using SEO and if I am really honest….I did not even know what SEO really meant! I had the happy experience of meeting Mr. Haris Khan Ghori. He spoke so passionately about the benefits of SEO and explained the whole theory so simply, even a SEO newbie like me could totally understand the process and the application. He gave me 1-one-1 session so I could ask questions about the report and ensure I really came to grips with it so I could get the maximum benefit. I have got approval for my AdSense account from Google very easily.

I am super excited by the opportunities, he has explained to me once I nail my SEO process.

I would highly recommend DMA, DMA adds so much value into my professional career, it’s one of the best investments you will ever make for your career.

Web Content Editor

I have been involved with digital marketing since 2013. Looking to increase my knowledge and improve my online marketing skills I found Digital Marketing Academy online and joined their Digital Marketing course. Digital Marketing Academy’s personalized and customizable training has added value to my professional life by enhancing the way I view and implement my online strategy. I’m now implementing my newly enhanced skills on my own website The Journalists’ Hub ( The main exponent of the course is not the course itself but how it’s delivered. Haris Khan Ghori is the best digital marketing trainer and online marketing consultant one can find. Not only that, he is equally adept at imparting training in traditional marketing as well. I would recommend Digital Marketing Academy to anyone who wants to enhance their professional online marketing skills.

Mr.Sheikh Abdul Hafeez
Marketing Executive

If you are looking to enhance your digital marketing skills,
I highly recommend digital marketing academy because
after completion of my professional digital marketing certification,
I am confident that I am now well equipped and DMA concept
of individual learning environment has sharpened my critical
thinking skills and made me a more strategic thinker. Furthermore
I would like to say special thanks to my course facilitator
Mr. Haris Khan Ghori he is very knowledgeable about digital world
and he guides me and encourage me every step of learning.
He is one of the Top Professional Digital Marketer in Pakistan, for sure.

Mr. Danish Javed
Assistant Manager

Being official handler of SSGC’s digital platforms, Digital Marketing Academy has added value to my professional capabilities as it offered me customized and personalized training experience suitable for my professional needs. The best thing about Digital Marketing Academy is its updated curriculums which is the key for in digital world today.I wish such academies grow further and add value to the professional networks further.

Mr. Nauman Saeed
Assistant Manager

I think that DMA offers a very wide scope of various digital platforms, in terms of strategy and application. Since the start of the training, the modules have helped me greatly to not only relate the digital functions in my current SOP but also in terms of acquisition of updated tech knowledge. The scope of study is very enhance which provides the learners extended view of the digital scene.I Would recommend it to my friends and colleagues for professional development and career growth.

Mr. Saad Khan
Assistant Manager

There are lots of self-appointed digital marketing experts out there but Mr. Haris Khan Ghori is the real deal. Attending digital marketing classes with him I heartily recommend Haris Khan Ghori as a digital marketing expert and online branding consultant. As a trainer he packs a dazzling amount of information into each hour.I highly recommend digital marketing academy to those who are looking forward to upscale their career.

Mr. Abdul Rauf
President | Pak SC

The Digital Marketing Academy is a great opportunity for the lifetime. It is not to be missed. I highly recommend this to Professionals, Business Students, IT Students, Entrepreneur and those who really want to change their life.

Mr. Sheeraz Iqbal
General Manager

The Digital Marketing Academy has provided me an access to an extensive variety of people who honestly shared their experiences and knowledge with me. I have learnt a lot here.

Mr. Mubashir Shah
Dish Network UAE.

The Digital Marketing Academy is no doubt the most important aspect of my professional confidence. I am done with the professional challenges because of DMA.



Mr. Salman Javed
Aus Clothing

The Digital Marketing Academy has made me comfortable to search the hidden creativity within myself. DMA just reaffirms my goals and always pushes me towards the achievements.

Mr. Bilal Asif
An Enterprenure

Digital Marketing Academy is always makes me in the learning process, mostly about myself. DMA just helps me out to boost up the confidence in me.

Mr. Muhammad Shahid Azeemi

My DMA experience is awesome. DMA helps me out to excel in the digital industry. I highly recommend this course to others.


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