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Digital Marketing Association Of Pakistan

Pakistan’s First Digital Marketing Association

The Digital Marketing Association of Pakistan is a pioneer of digital marketing training in Pakistan. DMAP is Pakistan’s leading body representing digital marketing practitioners and professionals in the country. DMAP is playing significant role in towards promoting the understanding of the digital marketing discipline and supporting new startups & SME’s to use the power of internet and explore new opportunities from all across the globe.

DMAP has an office at Karachi where we conduct all official meetings, workshops, seminars and mentoring session for all the members and partners. DMAP engaged its member through series of tea meetings, seminars, training workshops throughout the year. Here we people share their ideas to make this earth a better place to live. Here you found professionals from leading brands. DMAP is also providing Certification in Digital marketing. Due to the great demand in local and international market DMAP strongly felt to have an institute of excellence purely dedicated to promoting digital marketing as a discipline.

DMAP objective is to make people connect and create opportunities for them. We highly appreciate Entrepreneurship in Pakistan and all across the globe. Therefore DMAP decided to start counseling and mentoring sessions to youngster who wants to start their own business. We believed that creativity need passion, and passion leads you towards success. We have hundreds of example to prove this philosophy.

We welcome all of them who really want to change their life!


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