DMA Ambassador

Digital Marketing Academy Ambassador Program

DMA Ambassadors program is an opportunity for students to improve their professional and communication skills, with access to a network of DMA Ambassadors.

The DMA student ambassador program is a great opportunity for students to work as a coordinator between DMA and their Universities.


  • Special Incentive Program for Students (Scholarships).
  • Training for the effective delivery of message
  • Insignificant Earnings for leading sessions
  • Opportunities for public speaking to encourage and motivate youth and institutions.
  • Corporate Networking
  • Job Placement

These young ambassadors will be able to;

  • Get knowledge about advanced DMA programs and products
  • Design and host creative events on their campuses
  • Work as a campus communicator for DMA teams
  • Help the DMA to get better understanding of university’s culture


An ideal student ambassador must be;

  • Enrolled in undergraduate/postgraduate study programs
  • Accessible for 10 hours per month to spend on work for DMA
  • Active user of Face Book| LinkedIn| You tube| Google+
  • Involved with student’s activities and organizations


Ambassadors must be excited about new Technologies, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content writing, and must be involved in their institute’s communities and different activities.


The DMA Student Ambassador program comprises of students, DMA has met by shared passion for innovation and technology. They are chosen by nomination only.